In 1962, Eugene T. Wilson left the Navy and got a job at P.G.&E. He was a lineman in Alameda and when he got transferred to Oakland, Gene and Jean Wilson took their two young sons and moved to San Leandro. Steve Wilson walked into San Lorenzo Baptist Church, Michael was carried. Gene, Jean, Steve and Michael soon joined SLZ BAP. I was trained by some of the best Bible teachers who loved Jesus and who loved me. When I was eight years of age, I accepted Jesus at Redwood Camp in Mt Hermon. I was baptized by Pastor Jack Wyne. I then went away to college, then the Air Force. I came back to a series of jobs, found Janelle and married her.

I worked the next several years as a computer programmer. in March of 2005 I was hired as the pastor of San Lorenzo Baptist Church. I came to a church full of people that knew me my whole life, that had changed my diapers and who had taught me all the foundation truths of Scripture. I was continuing a journey that had begun in 1962.

Looking at the history of the church, back to the apostle Paul and Peter and John. they all saw that for the church to continue they needed to train up the next set of pastors and they did. Back in 1962, no one in the church could imagine that little red haired Mikey would come back to be their pastor, but God had plans.

His plan was to give me accurate and true Bible teaching. To bring me through the Military, which included a call to the ministry and to bring me back as a pastor.

My time as your pastor has been glorious. Every day I have grown to be a better servant of the most high God. I was taught when I was a child and I have learned from God and this congregation every day I have served.

I have done my best to protect this church from the various government entities, especially during COVID. I have done my best to bring in renting churches to expand our reach into the community.

in 2021, events began to happen that caused me to pray, asking God what his plan was. it became clear very quickly that God was telling me to retire. I have talked to many pastors, and a Jewish Rabbi told me that God will certainly expire a calling. So I began to pray about the process to retire. God opened door after door, gave confirmation after confirmation and made it clear I had another segment of my life in Washington State.

So, as I am close to leaving, I want everyone to know that I love this church and I love the congregation of Cornerstone Fellowship. I am the person I am because of this church and how God has used it to sanctify me.

God bless Cornerstone Fellowship. You will always be in my prayers. Even though I am no longer your pastor, I have been and always shall be your friend.

My Retirement from the Church